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29 Mei 2012

“You are the first person I’ve ever loved like this, and so I love you very much.
But I don’t know how to show it. What do I have to do for you to be happy?” The little girl asked the cactus.

“I just want to be hugged by someone,” answered the cactus as it gave a little smile.

“Really? Really? Then you’ll REALLY be happy?”

The little girl walked towards the cactus and hugged it.

“Someone please take this girl away. My thorns are pricking her. The more I try to push away, the more my thorns hurt her. The child’s clothes are becoming drenched in blood.

Rather than being happy, I am in pain.

Someone please take this little girl away. Take her away and take out the thorns and heal her.

By what’s happening, I will eventually kill this child. Someone please take this child away…”

“The cactus does not look at me and smile.
I don’t know how to love. To me… love keeps hurting me. And so I keep hugging it tighter. But the cactus still does not smile.

Does not smile…
Does not smile…”

The child keeps hugging the cactus tighter until the cactus will smile… she just want to see the cactus smile and be happy regardless of the pain she's having by hugging it tighter.

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